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KICK diffuser: Sunset at Broad Daylight


We let a creative photo enthusiast play with a KICK diffuser for a couple of weeks. Look what he came up with and read his comments:

– As I first got my hands on the KICK diffuser I spent a couple of days thinking about what you can do with it: shoot beautiful portraits in lovely soft light with hints of color; take great pics of objects, with carefully controlled light and dark areas; or enhance shapes and curves and adjust colors perfectly in order to express an object’s particular qualities.

In the mood for macros
– Well, my latest lens is a macro lens, so I soon moved on to what KICK and the diffuser can do to macro photography. KICK is much too big for the job, really, but then I got the idea that with the diffuser the KICK might be perfect for shooting silhouette photos of tiny objects – like a bumblebee!


The photographer caught a bumblebee and put it in the freezer for a short while in order to slow it down a bit. This gave him a couple of minutes to shoot before the bee would fly away – and he had to start over again.

– I mounted KICK and the diffuser on a small tripod, which made it easy to create the perspective I wanted. Together they allowed me to carefully control the color and intensity of the background light, and create a sunset at broad daylight.


– It was a strange experience to stand there midday and portrait a bumblebee at sunset. What I saw in the finder was completely different from the object and the whole scene in real life! Pretty cool.

Well, that’s what we think of the image too: Pretty cool!

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