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Portraits from a Car Cemetery



Dead cool. A horror movie taught photo enthusiast Ole Schjødt-Osmo how light and color may be used creatively to express a car’s character and “personality”. A deserted car cemetery was the perfect location for further photographic experimentation on the theme. And KICK proved the perfect tool.

Ole tells the story:

Inspiration. From the horror movie Christine, which made a huge impression on me as a very young man in 1983, I learned how much personality and character old cars may hold. In particular I remember how skillfully that movie used lighting and color effects to communicate a car’s energy and “desires”. It’s been more than 25 years since I saw the movie but as I approached the photo shoot location I could clearly picture in my head the light and colors I wanted to recreate.

[The KICK (green light) is left in the front seat]

Location & motifs. The photographs were shot at a deserted car cemetery on the Norwegian-Swedish border. I learned about this place from some photographers I know, and had also seen some interesting images posted on the Internet. The rusty and overgrown wrecks fascinated me. Overgrown with grass, flowers and trees, the beautiful, almost organic, curves of the old cars stand out even more.

DSC_0482_1600pxs[KICK (green light) is in the glove compartment]

Windows are smashed and essential parts may be lacking, but the beautifully curved car bodies and one-eyed fronts still shine with character and charm through cobwebs and weed.

It was surprisingly difficult to make my way through the grass and weeds to (and not to mention inside!) the overgrown wrecks. I walked around for a while looking for cars that had the right curves and expressed the character, desire and energy I wanted. Once I found them, the task was to try and recreate it all in the photos.

[Behind the scenes: Spot the KICK on the steering wheel]

KICK was the perfect tool for the job; easy to fit in tiny compartments and small gaps in the car wrecks. I positioned the KICK in various places inside the wrecks, and left it there. Then, via the KICK app on my phone I remote controlled color and brightness and tested different moods and angles. I think the streaks of light in the pictures create some interesting atmospheres and add story potential to the images. They evoke curiosity and expectation: there is something going on.

[KICK (purple light) is in the glove compartment]


Ole Schjødt-Osmo / Rift Labs

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