App beta versions

Kick Light Android beta versions

If you want to receive an email notice of new beta versions please join the Kick Light Android Beta group:
When you install a beta version it will replace any existing versions you have on your phone. If you need to get back to a stable version, delete the beta and re-install from Google Play.

Kick Light iOS beta versions

Ask for inclusion in the beta in an email to Include the UDID number of your iOS device and an email address you can receive on the same device. You will receive an email notice of new iOS beta versions as they appear. How to find your UDID:
A iOS beta version will usually not replace any existing versions you have on your phone. If it does and you need to get back to a stable version, delete the beta and re-install from the AppStore.

App Bug Reports

Please submit any app bug reports, questions or feature requests to

Support for Mac firmware updates

A step-by-step guide to updating the boot loader on the KICK


Soft AP

We have Soft AP working properly for all devices now thanks to epic coding by PeterB. New firmware will follow shortly.

Beta firmware

Go here to get the latest beta firmware. The beta software contains the latest functionality like USB serial that you need in order to connect the Kick to an Android device.

Connecting to the Kick through USB

18-05-2013 18-48-41
Walk-through example of how to talk to the WiFi module on the Kick.

Updating the WiFi firmware to use Soft AP

Walk-through example. If you want to talk to the Kick from Android or Windows Phone, you need this update.

Kick Wireless Communication Protocol

You can find the documentation here.

Sample code

Python Superroach has published a Python class to control the Kick Light

C# Hans Olav has shared his “RiftLabs Kick Master Simulator + Server Communication Library” on GitHub.

The repository contains a RiftLabs Kick Master Simulator (Acts like the iPhone app in regards to controlling Kick devices). It also contains the base library the Kick Master uses to communicate with the Kick devices.

Opening the Kick

17-06-2013 20-48-56

If you need to open the Kick, remove 3 screws and lift off the Back Cover. Assembly drawing here.

Sending feedback

Until we get a proper developer support mail account, send feedback to

Developer news

Sign up here to be get Rift Labs Developer News.

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