Developer firmware



When updating the firmware on the Kick, please read and follow the instructions:

How to update the Kick firmware using a PC  [pdf]. The preferred method is using a PC running Windows. A Mac running Bootcamp works as well.  Linux works.

Firmware updates won’t work correctly on a Mac for KICKs manufactured prior to Nov 2013. To make the bootloader Mac-compatible, run the bootloader updater.

If you try a firmware update and it fails, try again. A failed firmware update does not brick the Kick.


Date Version Location Comments
Oct 28 2013 Version 1.05_Beta file Developer version, enables USB communication with the WiFi module. Implemented all new communication protocol messages as of today.
NOTE: in order to install this version on KICKs manufactured prior to Nov 2013, you have to first run the bootloader update
May 24 2013 Version 1.03_Beta 2 file Further risetime and falloff compensation. Put PWM refresh rate back to 1.5 kHz
May 07 2013 Version 1.03_Beta file Fixed the charger light. Now turns green when at 90% charge both in PowerDown and in running mode. The PWM engine is changed to minimise ripple. Decreases occasional ringing sound but may not entirely remove it (let us know!). Color linearity is improved. Added compensation for risetime and falloff on high frequency PWM rates.


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