When updating the firmware on the Kick, download the firmware you need below and then follow these instructions.

If you have an older Kick, you may need to update the bootloader. Instructions here.

If you try a firmware update and it fails, try again. A failed firmware update does not brick the Kick.


Date Version Location Comments
October 7 2014 Version 1.85 beta file Wi-Fi stability improvements. Fix for some lights that show a slight green tint. This version also improves overall color linearity.
September 30 2014 Version 1.81 file The most significant update is support for home/office networks.
October 07 2013 Version 1.04 file Added support for Soft AP
May 07 2013 Version 1.02 file Fixed the charger light. Now turns green when at 90% charge both in PowerDown and in running mode. The PWM engine is changed to minimise ripple. Decreases occasional ringing sound but may not entirely remove it (let us know!). Color linearity is improved. Added compensation for risetime and falloff on high frequency PWM rates.
April 02 2013 Version 1.0 file Fixed current leak in PowerDown mode. Added check for out-of-power condition on startup. Reduced overall power consumption. Fixed condition where it did not enter Fast Charge when connected to a high capacity charger.
Mar 25 2013 Version 0.99 file Improved flicker. Fixed random crashes.
Mar 02 2013 Version 0.96 file Fixes to color. Updated to run on production hardware.
Jan 30 2013 Version 0.94 file Major communication fixes. Emitter temperature compensation.
Jan 21 2013 Version 0.93a file Fixes to color. Fixes to Color Temperature Presets. Some minor stuff.
Jan 14 2013 Version 0.92 file Communication fixes. Effects fixes
Dec 27 2012 Version 0.9 file First published version

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