How to communicate with the WiFi module through the USB interface

Here is a description of how to get the Kick into WiFi pass through command mode. That is, you communicate with the WiFi sub-section of the Kick. After entering $$$ (see below) all commands you enter are passed through to the WiFi module. The WiFi module has its own processor running the WiFi stack. The Kick mcu talks to the WiFi mcu with the same commands as you can type in here.

Only the developer versions of the firmware allows communication through the USB port. Make sure The Kick is running Kick_firmware_1.03_Beta , available here.

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  • Open a terminal software such as TeraTerm
  • Connect to the serial port you just created

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Make sure of that the WiFi is not on. ( Do not press the Kick Connect button, by default the WiFi is OFF )

  • Set the baud rate to 9600
  • Type $$$ and hit enter

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  • Wait for Kick to switch on the WiFi module. This is going to take a few seconds, you will see the green connect light blinking.

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  • Kick will is now in WiFi pass-through command mode and commands you enter are processed by the WiFi module
  • The exit command will exit from command mode and stop the WiFi. You can restart WiFi again with the $$$ command

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There are a number of commands you can send to the WiFi module:
get com displays the communication settings
show rssi displays the last received signal strength
set wlan phrase <password >sets a password
join <string> joins a network
You can download the full command reference here.

If you mess around too much and the Kick can’t communicate with the WiFi module anymore it will do a factory restore the next time it starts to try to re-establish communication with the WiFi module.

  • If you would like to reboot the WiFi module type reboot
  • After the reboot has completed you can enter command mode again with $$$

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  • After a factory reset please type exit and then $$$ again to set up UART baudrate again.

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