How to update WiFi module firmware

This does not update the Kick firmware, it updates the WiFi stack running on the WiFi module.

Only the developer versions of the firmware allows communication through the USB port. Make sure The Kick is running Kick_firmware_1.03_Beta , available here.

Connect Kick to a computer as described here.
Now we are going to connect to an existing AP which has internet access. You will need to have the name and password for the AP on hand.

  • To connect an AP with WPA2 password type set wlan phrase <password>
  • Set DHCP server to client mode set ip dhcp 1
  • Set wlan join mode to manual set wlan join 0
  • Connect to the AP join <AP_NAME>

18-05-2013 18-50-39

  • Type ftp update wifly7-400.img to update the WiFi module to the newest firmware.

18-05-2013 18-51-00

  • Type factory R to do a factory reset.
  • Type reboot to reboot the WiFi module
  • Type exit
  • Turn on WiFi (Press the Connect button on the Kick). You should now be able to connect an Android phone to the RiftNet AP and communicate using the commands in the Kick Wireless Communication Protocol.


Please take note:

  • Do not try to communicate with the WiFi module through USB while it is switched ON. It should not be a problem but more tests are needed.
  • Switching ON / OFF the WiFi with the WiFi button while communicating with it through USB could cause problems.
  • If the USB serial is not recognized for the first time please try to unplug and replug the USB cable.
  • If the update process tries to connect to with no answer, issue the following commands:
    set ftp address
    set ftp user roving
    set ftp pass Pass123

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