If you are looking for instructions how to use the KICK, have a look at the Getting Started page.

If you experience problems, check if they have been addressed in the technical FAQ below.

If you need assistance from a human being, contact us on support@riftlabs.com

If you are looking for the latest firmware updates you can find them on the download page.


The Kick does not turn on

The most likely reason is that the battery is completely drained due to self discharge.

  • Connect a USB Charger, the orange charging light will turn on
  • Reset the Kick (see Resetting the Kick right below. Make sure you hear and feel the click form the reset button)
  • Let the battery charge up

If the Kick now turns on, let it charge up. If not, repeat the above. If you still have problems, contact support@riftlabs.com.

I can’t connect to the RiftNet WiFi hotspot on iOS

You don’t need to wait for the spinning icon to stop. Go to Settings, WiFi on your iOS device, select RiftNet. While the icon is still spinning, open the app and the app will find the Kick.

The iPhone WiFi behaviour recently changed. Previously the iPhone accepted any valid WiFi connection. We are investigating if there is anything we can do to make the check mark appear even if the Kick does not connect all the way out to the internet.

Resetting the Kick

If the Kick hangs or freezes you can reset it through the small hole near the USB port. Use a thin paperclip or similar and press gently. You will hear and feel a little click. If you can’t feel a click, try pointing the paperclip slightly towards the back of the device as shown.

ResetPort04-04-2013 10-40-54_small


If reset does not seem to work: Is it possible that the paperclip did not hit the reset button? Some people have experienced problems resetting. The paperclip wire may be too thick in some cases. You should feel a click similar to the click from the buttons along the edge (it is the same type of switch in there).

Can I use a Mac to update the firmware?

Yes, if you purchased the KICK recently. If you have an older KICK you can update the bootloader. This will allow you to do firmware updates on a Mac

I tried updating the firmware, my Kicks is now dead. WTF! Help!

If the Kick seems to be completely dead, try this:

  1. If you haven’t already done so, charge it for at least 15 minutes.
    Use an actual charger; an iPad charger, iPhone charger or other USB charger. Unless it is already fully charged the  Charging Light will be be orange .
  2. Connect the Kick to a Mac or PC with the USB cable. The Charging Light will now be green.
    The PC should be running Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. The USB port should be a USB2.0 port. If the PC is 10+ years old and running XP, you will need to find a newer PC.
  3. While the Kick is connected, hold down the WB+ button and reset it with a paperclip.
    A thin paperclip through the little hole near the USB connector. You should feel a click. The WB+ button is the adjustment button closest to the corner.
  4. Both the Power and the Connect button will now light up green. If you got to this stage, you are golden.
    Note: if this is the first time you connect, your computer needs to recognise the Kicks and install the right drivers. This happens automatically but can take a minute or two. You will see a message on the screen telling you if the drivers installed ok. Wait for this. If Windows does not show the Kick as a drive after installing drivers, you need to do the paperclip thing again. Make sure you feel the click.
  5. Your computer will now show the Kick as a removable harddrive. Open the Kick folder. Delete the old firmware. Copy over the new firmware.
  6. Disconnect the Kick, turn it off and on again. You are done.

Say something about the batteries

As a general rule you should avoid that Li Ion batteries discharges completely. This can happen due to battery self-discharge. If the KICK is left unused we recommend charging the batteries every couple of months.

The light won’t come on

The two main reasons are overheating and empty battery. Check if the ON/OFF button is red. If it is, the battery is empty and you need to connect a charger to continue to use the Kick. If the KICK overheats it will also cut the light until it has cooled off for a bit.

The KICK does not seem to take a charge

We can replace the battery if it does not take a charge. But before sending it in there is one thing you could try. Assuming the battery is in deep discharge and the charging circuit is stuck:

1. Connect the KICK to a USB wall charger (i.e. you phone charger).
2. While connected to the charger, press the reset button with a paperclip and hold it for about 10 seconds. Look above for “Resetting the KICK”
3. Let the Kick charge up.

The important thing is to press the reset for about 10 seconds while the device is connected to a USB wall charger. It will reset the charging circuit. If this works, the Kick will trickle charge for a while – up to an hour before starting the normal charging cycle. After that you should be able to see a reaction when you press the on/off button.


The Connect (WiFi) button is red and I can’t connect to my iOS device

Turn the Kick off, wait 5 seconds and turn it on again. If the same happens, contact support@riftlabs.com.

Firmware update seems to have failed. Did I brick my Kick?

It is highly unlikely that you have bricked your Kick. If you used a Mac and succeded in deleting the old firmware but loading the new firmware failed, please try again using a Windows PC.

I see banding.

When the Kick is less than about 20cm (8 in) away from the subject, sometimes banding can appear when recording video.

Will updating the firmware help with problem x?

Most of the original Kickstarter units shipped with firmware 0.99. Firmware is located here: http://realbits.co/downloads/ You will also find instructions on how to update using a PC or a Mac.

As of this writing version 1.04 is the current firmware version. Please let us know about any problems you encounter so we can fix for them. We are hard at work implementing improvements and fixes and a new firmware versions are posted from time to time.

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