Firmware updates

Firmware updates

The firmware is the program that runs on the KICK. You can easily update this firmware using a Mac, Windows or Linux computer.

Updating the firmware is straight forward. You connect it to your computer, it turns up as a USB drive. You copy the new firmware to the KICK folder and disconnect. Here are the details:

Step by step

Before you begin, download the firmware you want to install. And please make sure your KICK is fully charged.

    1. Turn off the KICK by pressing the ON/OFF button
    2. Connect the KICK to your Mac, or Windows PC with a USB cable.
    3. Turn on the KICK while you hold down the WB+ button. Both the ON/OFF button and the Connect button will show a green light.
      (Windows will now automatically install the right drivers for the Kick and this may take a minute or two. Do not disconnect the KICK or turn it off while the drivers are being installed.)
    4. The KICK will now appear as a removable flashdrive or USB stick on your desktop.

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  1. Open the folder named KICK.

Check the file name:
—If you see a file called firmware.bin you have an older KICK and you need to do a bootloader update before you proceed.
—If there is a file called Kick_<something-or-other>.bin and a file called readme.txt proceed to the next step:

  1. Delete the file with a name starting with ‘Kick_’ and ending with ‘.bin’. This is the old firmware.
  2. After deleting the old firmware file, drag or copy the new firmware file into the KICK folder.
  3. Eject the KICK. (This is to ensure your computer is done copying the file).
      • On a Mac: Select the KICK icon on the desktop and press Command+E. Or choose File from the top menu on the desktop. Then select Eject.
      • On Windows: Click on the icon in the System tray called “Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media”. Click “Eject KICK”

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  1. You now have the new firmware installed.
  2. Disconnect the USB cable and turn the KICK off and on again.



You connect the Kick but the computer does not seem to do anything:

  • If you are on Windows, make sure you connect to a USB 2.0 port. Connecting KICK to a USB 1.0 port may or may not work.
  • Make sure you hold down the WB+ button when you turn on the Kick. The WB+ button is the adjustment button nearest to the ON/OFF button. It is marked with a + symbol. Both the ON/OFF button and the Connect button will show a green light when the KICK is in firmware update mode.

Windows reports that it can’t install the drivers

  • You may have to be connected to the internet in order for Windows to locate the right USB drivers. If the problem persists, email us at

After updating the firmware the KICK can’t be turned off or it can’t be turned on

  • If the ON/OFF button does not work, press the reset button using a paperclip through the small hole between the USB connector and the charging light. There is a little button behind that hole. Don’t use force. You will feel a little click and the KICK will reset and turn on again.

The firmware did not update, or the KICK does not work after updating.

  • The old firmware must be deleted; it is not enough to copy new firmware over the old one.
  • Make sure the battery on the KICK is not completely depleted. The KICK does not charge while being updated.
  • Try it again.
  • It you’re stuck, email us at

Any other issues:


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