Evangelist/Sales person

You love people. You also love photography, but the job is really more about people than photography.

Rift Labs is a startup company. Small businesses need people who can sell. We are looking for a person who takes initiatives and like to work in a small team where everybody has to pull their weight.

Sales happen when people are happy. So you could say your primary job is to keep people happy. You will be talking to bloggers and media about reviewing the Kick.  You will be  visiting photography meetups, you will be visiting dealers and distributors. You will be sending tweets and doing facebook updates. You will be taking turns on the help desk. Your job involves talking to people about the Kick all day long. Your main focus is end customers, photographers of all sorts, from the casual smartphone photog who likes a fun gadget to semi-pros and pros who want to use the kick for some video effect.

You do not need deep photography knowledge or skill. Our customers already know how to take pictures.

We are primarily looking for a US based person, preferably a native english speaker. You will be working from home, as we all are. We are a distributed team and we are located in Europe and the US. This can be a full time job or a part time job.

If you are interested, send an email to





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