A pocket-sized lighting studio for photo & video

The KICK is small – about the size of a phone – and lightweight, so is easy to take along. Still, KICK boasts more creative features than any other pocket-sized photo and video light on the market: in addition to adjustable brightness and color temperature, you get full color – any color, animated light, built-in video effects and sampling of light. KICK can be handheld or mounted on a tripod.

KICK works with any camera device: smart phones, DSLR cameras, compact cameras and others.

Use KICK standalone: Via manual controls you can adjust brightness and color temperature. Or: Remote control one or multiple KICKs via iOS or Android app to enjoy full color and animated effects.

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Digital paint box with light sampler

Paint with light! KICK can do any color you want.

KICK can do all the colors of the rainbow and any color in between. Choose from a standard color picker, or sample the light effect you want the KICK to emit.

With KICK + the Kick iOS or Android app you can sample colors and light effects directly from the world around you via the phone camera (even while using it). Simply point the iPhone towards the light effect you want KICK to recreate, tap the screen – and KICK will emit that light.

Sampled light effects are automatically stored in the app’s effects library for reuse later on.




Animated light

Effects library & sampling of video effects: KICK excels at animated light.

Candle flicker. Blistering lightning storms – KICK can produce any animated light effect. Choose one from the built-in effects library, or sample video effects from an existing video.

You can sample light effects from any video stored on your phone. This is how it works: From within the Kick app you can open and run any video; move the cursor over the light effect you want to sample, and the app will stream that light directly to your KICK(s).

Sampled light effects are automatically stored in the app´s effects library for reuse later on.


KICK 360°

Link multiple KICKs via WiFi, and remote control them via iOS or Android app.

Multiple KICKs may be mounted to light up your object or scene from various angles. You can link them all via WiFi and remote control them via the Kick app to create any desired color or light effect.



High output leds

Tiny light. Huge results.

Bright light. KICK provides high output for a pocket sized photo and video light. See technical specifications for details about lux and lumens; or take our customers’ words for it:

I’m impressed. It’s so bright. I mean eye-hurting BRIGHTNESS! Wow!
Ridwan Jaafar, @ridwanLP

Just got my KICK lights from @RiftLabs. The pair on full brightness is an amazing piece of flexible lighting kit for cheap, pleased!
Chris Maytag, @cpm5280

Or get one to see for yourself.


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Battery & USB powered

The KICK battery is rechargeable and exchangeable.

Battery powered and lightweight the KICK is portable and easy to take along and use in all situations. The battery is rechargeable via USB. And you can replace it.

Battery life will of course vary depending on how you use your KICKs.


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