Kick for pros


Stand out from the crowd

Everybody, their uncle, and his nephew’s girlfriend’s dog has a camera capable of almost perfect technical quality. What you need is the extra touch, the twist, the creative spark to make your image or video stand out from the crowd. You got your white lights. The workhorses of photography for almost two centuries. You can place them over here, you can place them over there. Like millions of other photographers do. Don’t get us wrong, you need your main lights. Consider the KICK your secret magic tool. You pull it out when you need something extra. And it delivers what you can’t get with traditional lights.


Your secret tool

Don’t mistake the KICK for those cheap simple LED lights you see everywhere. Maybe you have tried some of them. You have to strap four of them together with gaffer tape to get usable brightness. As they get warmer the color temperature changes and they grow dimmer. After 30 minutes they are all out of juice and you have to pull 24 AA batteries out of the lights and put them in chargers. Not exactly a great solution. They weigh twice as much as the KICK, they are 3 times the size, and a fraction of the brightness. You have to carry around a ton of spare batteries and bulky chargers. Worst of it, you don’t even save any money.

The KICK has a powerful internal Li-Ion Polymer battery that will keep the KICK going for hours in normal use. (One hour and 15 minutes on continuous full power.) It charges from standard USB charger, like the one you use for your phone. You can also run the KICK straight from the USB charger. The KICK is bright, it is stable, it is small and lightweight. It has a tripod mount. It is going to fit very nicely into your kit.

KICK Color Gamut

Unique capabilities

Adjusting color temperature used to be a pain. You want to change it, you add a filter. Oops, you just lost half your light.
The KICK have a continuously adjustable color temperature between 2800 Kelvin (candle light) and 12000 Kelvin (twilight). A larger adjustment range than most any other light on the market. And you don’t lose light, the brightness is constant regardless of color temperature.
The kick also have full colors. We made sure the color gamut of the KICK matches or exceeds the color gamut of any digital camera on the market. The KICK can deliver colors that sparkle. If you work with video you will appreciate the ability of the KICK to deliver animated light. There are built in effects, and you can create your own as well with the iOS or Android app.

Customer favorites

These are (in order) what our customers has told us they like the most:

  • Great customer care
  • Very bright
  • Very portable (fits in your pocket)
  • Constant brightness regardless of color or color temperature
  • The ability to remote control it from an app (now both iOS and Android)
  • Full color. (Great for backdrops, dramatic effect, etc)

Join the gang

The KICK was launched on Kickstarter by a small team of knuckleheads who in their ingenuousness thought they could advance the state of lighting. We spent two years developing it. When it launched on Kickstarter it was greeted with enthusiasm by the photography community and passed its initial funding goal in a couple of days. We started shipping the KICK to the backers in the spring of 2013. Later in the  summer we started selling the KICK through our website and through dealers and distributors around the world. Thousands of photography enthusiasts are using the KICK to create amazing images.
You need one in your bag as well. Order one today!

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