Kick makes ordinary pictures extraordinary


The KICK is small—about the size of a phone—but boasts a full range of lighting effects so you can get the perfect exposure every time you take photos or video. In addition to adjustable brightness and color temperature, you get a full range of colors, animated light, and built-in video effects. That means you can recreate the lighting effects of a bolt of lightning or a flickering campfire in your videos for extra drama.

Love the look of soft candlelight? With the KICK and the KICK app you can sample colors and light effects directly from the world around you via the phone camera (even while using it). Simply point the phone towards the light effect you want the KICK to recreate, tap the screen – and the KICK will emit that light. Use the app’s built-in special effects to make flashy Vines and cinematic videos: lightning flashes, rainbow strobes, flickering firelight and more.


The KICK works with any camera device: smart phones, DSLR cameras, compact cameras, and more. You can use KICK via the manual controls or remotely control one or multiple KICK via the app. Battery powered and lightweight, the KICK is portable and easy to use. The battery is rechargeable via USB.

Bring the KICK along and take the perfect picture every time.

Having a portable rechargeable 400 Lumen LED panel in your pocket sounds pretty cool, but the KICK offers so much more. The panel contains a matrix of 40 RGB LEDs that can be set to any color, with white light continuously adjustable from warm to cool light (2,500 to 10,000 Kelvin). But it’s the app that we love even more. Simply point your phone towards the light source you want the KICK to recreate, tap the screen, and the KICK not only reproduces that light, but also stores it automatically for later use. And this is just the beginning. There is a 1000 different ways to use the KICK.

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