Take better pictures


KickFront_35pxh   The KICK is a lightweight, feature rich, affordable and fun photo & video light for smartphones and SLRs.


Take better pictures

How to take better pictures? Two simple tips for the casual photographer: 1. Take a few steps closer to your subject  2. Add some warmth!

The KICK can emit straight white light to help you when you need that extra bit of light to make your images pop. You can also adjust how warm or cold the light is.

People almost always look better in warm light. You’ll be amazed.

Now – let’s get creative:

Stand up against the tyranny of white light!

Add some color to your photos, your Vines or your Instagrams, your Pins, your Flickr pics, your Facebook photos, your Tweets, your YouTube videos. Did we forget anything? Oh, yeah, your tumblr posts, your Vimeo vids, your LinkedIn … OK, maybe leave your LinkedIn profile out of this.

Use it for fun, use it to set a mood, use it to add some punch.

(And by the way, with a touch of that evil green light your Halloween pics will never be the same.)


Have fun with video

Video is about moving images. And moving images are of course made out of moving light. KICK is a master of animated light. Pick one of the awesome built-in effects like Rainbow, Strobe, or Mood. Do you need something more dramatic? What about Fire, Lightning storm or Cannon shots? It is all there and more.

Photo credit: grandst.com
Photo credit: grandst.com

Works with your smartphone

Download the free iOS or Android app. Have fun with the built-in light effects, or make your own!

Using the app is simple. The KICK connects to your phone via WiFi. No cables. You can put the KICK wherever you want it. Use the brightness slider to adjust the brightness, use the color picker to choose any color (including warm, neutral or cold white light).

The app is simple to use, but it has advanced features if you want to go crazy. For example: you can pick any light or light effect from any video online or from one you’ve got stored on your phone, and the KICK will stream it and emit exactly the same light. Thus, you can recreate candle flicker without lighting any candles, simulate the glow from a television screen without one to hand, or sample any other light effect you can come across.

It is like sampling music and sound effects, except you sample LIGHT instead of music. – Imagine the range of creative opportunities!

The Kick App gives you full control over the KICK. Change color and brightness, run any of the built-in light effects or create your own effects by sampling light from any video, or directly from the camera. Just point and tap the screen.

Take it everywhere

The KICK is small, about the size of your phone. It does not weigh much either. KICK is easy to take along, and you will always have a bit of extra light handy.

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