Manual firmware update from a Mac

NOTE: A lot of people have reported problems using a Mac to do the firmware update. We strongly recommend using a Windows PC or a Mac with bootcamp. It is safe and simple. But if you really want to have a go, here are the instructions:

The general process today, before we make it automated, is to; (A) connect the KICK to your computer (B) Delete the old firmware.bin file (C) Copy the new firmware.bin file to the KICK.

However, due to reasons beyond comprehension things are not as simple as A,B,C with Apple computer.  We need to B & C manually. Some of you will be familiar with command line on a Mac, for everyone else we tried to make it as clear as possible. The following steps will walk you through the commands to delete and copy the firmware files.

In future, this will all be automated through the app.

  1. Download the latest Kick firmware (go to, save it to your Mac).  Open a Finder window and navigate to the folder where you downloaded the firmware file
  2. Connect the Kick to your Mac (connect the USB cable, Hold the WB+ key while turning on the Kick)
  3. Open terminal. The easiest way is to click open Spotlight (the magnifying glass in the very top right of your screen) and type Terminal.  The app should open
  4. Type the three following commands (or just copy and paste them in to Terminal)
  5. Navigate to the KICK with: cd ../../Volumes/KICK/
  6. Delete the old firmware with: sudo rm firmware.bin
  7. Copy the new file across with: sudo cp [drag and drop the new firm from Finder to Terminal, it will auto-complete the text for you] .
  8. (note that “full stop” / “period” at the end after the drag & drop instruction – it’s important you type that)
  9. Eject the Kick, turn it off and on again (press reset if off/on does not work).

Here’s a video walkthrough of the above steps.  If you have any issues at all, please contact us.  Thanks for you patience while we work on making this automated.

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